Is New Orleans the Party Capital of the World?

Discover why New Orleans is known as the party capital of the world during Carnival season. Learn more about Commander's Palace and their commitment to providing fresh and authentic Southern cuisine.

Is New Orleans the Party Capital of the World?

The team at Commander's Palace, a renowned restaurant in New Orleans, is dedicated to providing their customers with the best of Southern cuisine. Their policy of sourcing ingredients from within a 100-mile radius ensures that their dishes are as fresh and authentic as possible. Tory McPhail, the current chef, has been widely praised by the James Beard Foundation, Zagat Guide, Gambit's Best of New Orleans List, and Wine Spectator. New Orleans is known for its vibrant nightlife and lively atmosphere all year round.

But during Carnival season, the city takes it up a notch and becomes the party capital of the world. The streets are filled with music, dancing, and colorful costumes as people from all over come together to celebrate.

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